Practical, Small & Beautiful

The simple and exquisite appearance is hidden in the car. The bracket can be adjusted to be completely parallel to the front and rear glass to meet the driver's interior requirements for various models. Ingenious rear lens design, you can match it inside or behind the car. The A16X series is not only a machine that records the driver's daily life but also gives the driver a simple, beautiful lifestyle.

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Who We Are

The idea originated from our passion for motorcycles and scooters while striving for the perfect design. After assessing all of the current products in the market, we discovered that there was quite a gap in what the consumers wanted while sticking to the aesthetic of the design. For Vigorplus, we are committed to the product to the user a different experience.

“Vigor” literally means energetic and enthusiastic. Our design team puts our strength and energy into the products with enthusiasm. This is where our spirit comes from. As humans, we strive to learn everything we can from technology to create a synergistic language. Based on our ability to listen and learn from our customers and current products available in the market. Committed to building different experiences and unique stories with consumers through the design of products for various brands.